District Governor | Lion Frances Sawiak

1st VDG Lion Frances Sawiak

Lion Frances Sawiak was born in Surrey, England and emigrated to Canada in 1975.

She joined the Vegreville Lions in 2009, where she has held the positions of Club President, Treasurer and Tail Twister, along with being a volunteer at bingos and casinos. In the past two years she has brought in six new Lions members.

At the District level, 2nd VDG 2014-15, she served as Cabinet Secretary for four years and Zone Chair for two years.

She was the Project and Fundraising Chair of the committee that raised $1 million for the Vegreville Lions Community Spray Park, which opened in 2010. The themed playground with gazebo opened in 2012.

Lion Frances is a Certified Guiding Lion, participates in LCI webinars, and thrives on gaining knowledge from the International level.

She is a semi-retired financial consultant.

Lion Frances has been honoured to be awarded the Judge Brian Stevenson Fellowship and Dr. Patti Hill Fellowship. Her volunteer efforts earned her the award of Vegreville’s 2010 Citizen of the Year.


Terry Kozma1st Vice District Governer | Lion Terry Kozma

Lion Terry was born and raised in B.C. She relocated to Alberta in 1982 when her husband received a job offer he couldn’t refuse. To this day, they both say it was one of the best decisions they ever made. After several years of helping Roger in his business as well as a short stint in real estate, Lion Terry joined Shell Canada and spent the next 24 years as a manager and retailer in their network. She also worked as a contract trainer for new retailers as well as the occasional stint doing forensic operations and bookkeeping analysis for Shell.

In 1997 she joined the Edmonton Host Lions Club just to help out. Since joining, she has served as a club director, vice president, president, secretary, treasurer as well as chair of the Lions Dream Home project. At the District level, she has served as Cabinet Secretary, Leader Dog Chair, Youth Chair and is currently serving as LFC Chair for the second year. She has helped with club officer training for several years and firmly believes that you can always learn more, regardless of how many times you go. She has attended Lions Leadership Institute and is a Certified Guiding Lion. Lion Terry has attended District Conventions every year since joining Lions and most of the MD Conventions, business permitting. She has also attended 11 Canada/USA Leadership Forums and 6 International Conventions.

She is a Melvin Jones Fellow, Jack and Denise Isaman Fellow, and a Dr. Patti Hill Fellow. She has received a District Governors Certificate of Appreciation, a Certificate of Excellence (Secretary) and an Extension Award for helping to start a new club. Lion Terry is also active in the Central Lions Seniors Association and is the Past Chair of that organization. She served for six years on the Board of Safe and Caring Schools and Communities, an organization that was founded by the Lions and the Alberta Teachers Association working in partnership with other interested community groups. She served as a member of the provincial task force charged with reviewing the Blind Persons’ Rights Act and recommending changes to improve the protection of the rights of our blind and visually impaired citizens. Now that she and her husband, PDG Roger, have retired, they look forward to many more years of service to their clubs and their community.

Chanprit (Prince) Baweja2nd Vice District Governer | Lion Chanprit (Prince) Baweja