Dr. Patti Hill

The Lions of Canada are rapidly approaching an historic event. On July 11, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts, Lion Dr. Patti Hill will become the President of Lions Clubs International. This will be the culmination of a campaign that had its beginning nearly five years ago. The success of this campaign reflects our outstanding candidate and the strong support of our Canadian Lions.

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Call for volunteers from the Dr. Patti Hill Volunteer Committee.
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Club Excellence Award

The Club Excellence Award is the ideal way to set your club on the path to continued success.

The qualifications include specific requirements in four categories: Membership, Service, Leadership and Marketing, and are outlined in the Club Excellence Award Application.

It is your blueprint to excellence as you grow in fun, membership and service. That’s what we are all about!

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New Resources for Clubs and Club Officers

USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum


September 21 – 23, 2023

The largest and best Lions Club Leadership training event in the world.  With over 70 seminar training sessions related to developing quality Lions Clubs and thousands of Lions Leaders share their experiences, the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum is for you!

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District C-1 Lions Semi-Annual Dues Invoice

January 1 to June 30, 2023

The C-1 Cabinet Treasurer has invoiced all District C-1 Clubs on January 21, 2023 for the semi-annual dues from January 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023.

This invoice was emailed to your club treasurer on file with LCI. If no treasurer email appears on file with LCI, the invoice was then mailed to the club.

All dues (and outstanding balances) as per the invoice for the Multiple District and District dues are required to be paid within 30 days. Dues can be paid by cheque and mailed to the address on the invoice or can be paid by electronic transfer as set up via QuickBooks. If you have any questions, please contact Cabinet Treasurer Kris Kozoriz at c1cabinetsecretary@gmail.com or contact District Governor Suzanne Leshchyshyn at lionsuzanne2223@gmail.com or 403-872-2622.