Global Membership Team

The Global Membership Team (GMT) provides a global structure for membership development which is continuous, focused, and integrated.

Collaborating with the Global Leadership Team, the GMT works in an interdependent manner with all Lions in the association for the benefit and success of the club.

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Ask One

Just imagine if every Lion, 1.4 million, asked one person to join their club…

Club Quality Initiative (CEP)

The Club Quality Initiative (CEP) is a fun, interactive process that brings members together to look at what your club is today and what it will be tomorrow. It gives you the tools to strengthen your service, improve club effectiveness and enhance your membership experience.

Club Blueprint

The most effective Lions clubs regularly identify ways to expand their service impact, develop leaders and meet club members’ needs and expectations. Like any worthwhile project, it is important to develop and implement a plan, or “blueprint” to guide your actions.


C-1 GMT CoordinatorPDG Walt Skrepnyk
MDC GMT CoordinatorLion Bill Stecewiz