Global Membership Team

Global Action Team

Membership is critical to our association. Members join to serve. They remain Lions because of the service being conducted, the friendships that have developed and the impact they have made in people’s lives. The Global Membership Team (GMT) will support membership development at the club level by recruiting new members and promoting positive membership experiences.

At the district level, the GMT will start clubs in new areas to further increase our service impact.  More members = more hands for service.

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C-1 GMT CoordinatorLion Walter Calahaisn

Lions Clubs International (LCI)

Just Ask!

Quick tips for effectively recruiting new members

Just Ask! encompasses the four steps of the Global Membership Approach process.

For more details, as well as additional tools and resources your club can use for successful member recruitment, download the complete Just Ask! Fostering a Culture of Recruitment guide from the Resource Center at Lions Club International.

Specialty Clubs

Specialty clubs give Lions with common interests a great way to connect and serve what they’re most passionate about. Clubs around the world can be formed around a hobby, profession, culture, cause, or anything else that brings a group together. There’s no limit to what your specialty club can be.