Election of AB/NWT Director for Lions Foundation of Canada

This position will be voted on at the MD C Convention in St. Albert, AB on May 13-14, 2016.


  • Promote, in cooperation with the District Chairpersons of MD C, the need for the service being provided and the status of the Lions Foundation of Canada;
  • Convey the need for contributions from the Lions Clubs of MD C to support the programs that the Foundation offers;
  • Report to Council as to changes in personnel or any action that affects the status of the Foundation;
  • The voting delegates attending the MD C Convention held during the final year of the incumbent’s term shall elect the nominee for the position of Alberta Director by a secret ballot. This election shall be for a three (3) year term. The Director so elected shall also serve as the MD C Lions Foundation of Canada Chairperson.
  • The MD C office shall publish in the last two (2) issues of the MD C newsletter of any calendar year preceding such an election, a notice seeking candidates for this position from the Lions of MD C in Canada. This notice shall also contain a list of qualifications for the position.


To qualify for the office of an Elected Director on the Board of Directors, a candidate must be:

  • A Lion in good standing;
  • A person who is not an employee of the Lions Foundation of Canada;
  • A person who has done any one of the following:
    • Served as a District chairperson for LFC as appointed by the elected Director;
    • Served as a District chairperson for LFC as appointed by the District Governor;
    • Served as the Multiple District chairperson for LFC as appointed by the Council Chairperson;
    • Served as District Governor, and has participated in the Lions Foundation of Canada orientation program;
    • Served as a Representative, appointed by the Lions Foundation of Canada, promoting and supporting one of the Foundations

Any qualified Lion wishing to be a candidate for this position shall file:

  • A letter of intent;
  • A biography;
  • A copy of their Lions Club endorsement
    —with the MD C office before April 1 of the year of the election:

Council Secretary/Treasurer
Tim Haight 
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